Why New Caledonia is the ultimate romantic getaway


Flaunting an eclectic mix of French and Melanesian charm, this palm-fringed archipelago is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Everything is perfect in paradise and the endless list of things to do and opportunities for adventure are bound to bring you and your loved one closer together, setting the scene for couples and honeymooners, or providing the spark to reignite well-established romances. Don’t take our word for it—read on for more ways to bring on the romance in New Caledonia!

1. Prepare the stage.

New Caledonia boasts the perfect backdrop for any love affair, but there are definite ways to boost the allure. All of the islands are brimming with postcard-perfect natural beauty, but choose one such as the Isle of Pines for a more intimate, secluded feel. There’s a slower pace and tropical warmth to invite lazy days spent in the sun, and Le Meridien Ile des Pins is the perfect base to explore turquoise lagoons and white-sand beaches together. Or set yourself at the heart of the vibrant melting pot of cultures in Noumea for a different dynamic, where there’s always something to do, taste or see! Either way, you’ll be within moments of the Natural Park of the Coral Sea and its enchanting beauty.

2. Snorkel hand-in-hand in the world’s largest lagoon.

Speaking of the marine park, you may already know that the 24,000sq. foot lagoon is a UNESCO world heritage site but you’ll never really know its beauty and wonder until you take a dip below the surface. Take your love by the hand and slip into warm tropical waters in every shade of shimmering blue and green. Drift over gorgeous coral formations, swim alongside seahorses and loggerhead turtles, or face the majesty of a manta ray.

3. Be seduced by French fare.

Imagine picnics by the sea with creamy French cheese and quality wine, feeding your lover gourmet chocolates in the Latin Quarter, or dining at one the of the cafes to fall under the velvety spell of the French accent. You’ll feel miles away from home, transported to Paris of the Pacific with a Melanesian twist and the added bonus of fresh Pacific seafood (including those all-important oysters).

4. Ride into the sunset.

Why stroll along the beach when you could canter? In New Caledonia, the horse is king with 1 for every 20 inhabitants and these majestic animals create the perfect storm of windblown hair and sunset panoramas framed by imposing mountains and azure lagoons in the Bourail region. Let adrenaline take over as these imperial creatures set your hearts racing while the sun slips behind the Pacific and the stars come out to play. Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort organises tours through Le Carre 9 and La Courrie Ranches.

5. Stay in style

What could be more romantic than staying in a luxurious bungalow directly over the sea, floating over the shimmering lagoon? L’Escapade Island Resort offers the closest overwater bungalows to Australia’s east coast, only 20-minutes from the bustling heart of Noumea and yet a world away.

If this sounds like the ideal holiday destination for you and your special someone, contact us today!

By Alana Eising