Most Instagram-Worthy Scenes in New Caledonia

This seriously photogenic French territory in the heart of the South Pacific was made for Instagram. From the people to the colonial architecture, the incredible natural beauty to the food—New Caledonia is a Euro trip minus the long-haul flight, and a tropical island escape that won’t break the bank. What more could you ask of your holiday?

1. The Lagoon

Let’s get the biggest wow-factor out of the way first: the turquoise-hued lagoon. Literally the largest enclosed lagoon in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, celebrated locally for its deep beauty and marine biodiversity. Snap a shot from the shore, focus on a friendly loggerhead turtle while snorkeling, or climb Ouen Toro, the peak adjacent to Anse Vata for coveted views from above.

2. A Taste of France

Can you say chocolate, cheese and wine? The chocolate fountain at Tonton Jules, a beachside picnic with fromage and fresh seafood, or piles of local produce at the iconic Port Moselle Market—you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to foodie shots. Visit one of the acclaimed French restaurants in Noumea and you’ll have to forcibly remind yourself to take a snap before you dig in.

3. Tropical Sunsets

Nothing says ‘I’m on holiday’ more than capturing the glow of the sun slipping out of the sky and painting the ocean rose-gold. Add a coconut, palm frond and a glass of bubbly or two and you have all you need to create instant holiday envy.

4. Branch Out

There’s a place north of Koné where the mangroves have grown over the salt flats to form the practically-perfect shape of a heart. A 2-hour return hike up Mt Kathépaïk will get you to the viewpoint, but the heart is best seen from the air. West of Noumea into Blue River Provincial Park is a sight to be viewed by the full moon: a Drowned Forest of hundreds of bleached, skeletal trees striking up out of the indigo lake.

5. Local Culture

If you’re staying in Noumea catch snaps of local colour at the markets, in the totems and camaraderie at Place des Cocotiers, or the structurally impressive Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre. If you’re feeling more adventurous you’ll find a warm welcome in traditional villages, and an enthusiastic introduction to Kanak way of life.

6. Isle of Pines

The showstopper that caught the eye of Captain Cook is just as beautiful today. On the Isle of Pines you can expect crystalline waters, lush New Caledonia pines, white-sand beaches and ready smiles. Unmissable Instagram-worthy locations include the natural pool of Oro Bay, Oumagne Grotto, and the ultra-luxurious L’Escapade Island Resort, with idyllic overwater bungalows to rival the Maldives.

Ready to snap up a storm in New Caledonia? Try Le Meridien overlooking Oro Bay beach for stunning sunset scenes, or its sister resort in Noumea for the perfect base to explore the vibrant port city. Contact our New Caledonia Holiday Experts for more information!

By Alana Eising