New Caledonia: perfect for everyone!

A little slice of France in the South Pacific…

If you haven’t been to this special French collectivity, you may not know much more about it than that. Sure, you may have seen pictures of the stunning lagoon that surrounds the island, and maybe you’ve heard tell of the incredible marine life and water sports on offer, but there’s even more to New Caledonia than meets the eye—a true paradise that’s perfect for everyone, no matter your vision of a perfect holiday!

The Melting Pot

Culture collides in New Caledonia. If you’re wanting to experience a range of cultures without traveling to multiple destinations, put this one on your list! First settled by the Kanak people over 3000 years ago, New Caledonia was annexed to France in 1853. Despite the obvious French dominance, Melanesian influence has remained strong and accounts for approximately 40% of the population. Other cultures have flocked to this picturesque region too. Asian communities from Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam, and other island nations, including Tahiti, Wallis and Futuna, and Reunion Island also have a big presence!

Head to the T’jiabou Cultural Centre. Created by renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, these 10 wooden structures are based on the shape of traditional Kanak ceremonial houses. They soar above the treetops and speak volumes about the cultural history of the area. Stop by the centre to learn more about the melting pot and see contemporary and traditional works, including tribal relics and the world’s largest collection of Pacific art!

Food Food Food!

Treat yourself to the flavours of the world. One of the main benefits of visiting a cultural melting pot is all the ingredients that are thrown in it! From pastries and snails, to venison and seafood, all the traditional French delights are present and complete with a stellar selection of wines and coffee. South Pacific twists are added in with kaffir lime, basil, and mandarin infusions, and Indonesian and Vietnamese delights are also quite prominent! Whatever your palette, you’ll find something divine to eat in New Caledonia. Shop at the markets, dine locally, or let the flavours come to you as you feast in the world-class restaurants at your resort. If you’re a real foodie, do your research and pick your accommodation based on the culinary offering. Take a look here!

Wondrous Wilderness

Hiking enthusiast will fall in love with mainland New Caledonia! Walking tracks will take you to breathtaking lookouts and, on the way, you’ll witness the country’s outstanding and unique biodiversity. Keep your eyes peeled as 76% of the country’s plant and wildlife species only exists there, so you’ll find countless amazing things to see! The Blue River Provincial Park (45-minutes south of Noumea) offers 9000 hectares of untouched wilderness, including stunning waterfalls and fresh water lakes.

Stay at the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort to visit the Déva Estate. See the country’s largest surviving area of dry forest, visit archaeological excavations that have uncovered evidence of habitation over 3,500 years ago, plus get all the benefits of a 5-star resort! Ride horses, lounge by the pool, indulge in treatments at the day spa, sample meals inspired by all of the country’s cultures, and test out the luxurious 18-hole golf course. Now, if that’s not a holiday that everyone can enjoy, we don’t know what is!

Turn the green light on for your next holiday and pick a destination that will be perfect for everyone! Contact the My New Caledonia Holiday Experts to find out more about the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva and other resorts on offer!