Watersports in New Caledonia

Live the lagoon life

Water sports are everywhere in New Caledonia—from Poe Beach, Koumac, and Hienghene in the North Province, to the bay areas of Noumea in the south. The western coast of the main island has a range of great breaks beyond the barrier reef, as do many of the surrounding, smaller islands.

Tourists flock to New Caledonia all year round to live the lagoon life. The flat surface of the country’s lagoon make it the ideal place to surrender to the winds and spend the day crisscrossing, gliding, sail, or paddling across the water. Popular water sports include kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), jet skiing, surfing, and fishing.

Sports for all skill levels

The beauty of practising water sports in New Caledonia is that everyone can give it a go! Plenty of schools decorate the bay areas of the country’s capital and up toward the north, outside the urban hubs.

Pick up kitesurfing and windsurfing easily as the wind carries you across the flat lagoon. Learn tips from friendly locals and return daily, if you want, to perfect your skills. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix by using the air and waves to try out new tricks, plus there’s always wakeboarding and jet skiing for those who want to step the speed up a notch!

Breaks and beyond

If you’re staying outside of Noumea, try out surfing on the coast. Bourail has a handful of great spots, including Secrets—a great left hander for long and short boards. Fishing enthusiasts can practice their sport here too. New Caledonia claims a 370km exclusive fishing zone and is ranked in the top 5 fly-fishing sites in the world. Try open and deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing, and underwater spear fishing in both the north and the south.

There are so many ways to live the lagoon life in New Caledonia—from a few hours on a SUP, to a day out on the breaks. Contact our My New Caledonia Holiday Experts today to find out more!