Horse riding in New Caledonia

Get off the beaten track

Horse riding in New Caledonia is a truly unique way to explore. Not only can you travel the coast line and inland reserves with ease, you can enjoy the complete cowboy experience too!

New Caledonia boasts one horse for every twenty inhabitants. There are wild horses and domesticated ones; horses for competitions and for riding. Climb mountain ranges, gallop along the beach, or mount a trusty steed to learn all about the country’s bush history. Some equestrian tours are run out on the properties of local families—ranch owners and western-style riders that can train and teach you all about life on their farms.

Become a Deva cowboy!

There are plenty of places to experience horse riding in New Caledonia, but our top pick would have to be the complete cowboy experience offered near the Sheraton Deva New Caledonia Spa & Golf Resort.

Le Carre 9 Ranch and La Courrie Ranch tours can be arranged at the front desk. Cross the hills of the Deva Domain, ride along the beach, and learn how to crack a whip along the way! Deva cowboy experiences only take a few hours and are perfect for groups or individual wanting to get a taste of horseback life!

Half and full days

Other horse riding tours operate throughout the country. For longer adventures over the sand and on farmland, travel approximately 45-minutes north of Noumea to Karikaté. Trot and gallop for half a day or full days (on the weekend)! These tours are perfect for travellers wanting to experience the diverse countryside of New Caledonia without having to hike up the mountains or along coastal trails.

Saddle up and become a cowboy when you travel to New Caledonia. Our My New Caledonia Holiday Experts all recommend it!