New Caledonia Hiking

Discover more on foot

New Caledonia is more than just a destination for those who love the sea. A central mountain range runs down the length of the main island, Grand Terre. Thick forests and paperbark-dotted grasslands stretch up to meet it and hiking trails feature throughout!

The geography of New Caledonia is so fascinating and unique that even beginner-level hikers will find their perfect path. Wander along ridges that look out toward the ocean, spot whales as they trace their migratory paths, or discover striking, unspoiled vegetation, creeks, and waterfalls as you stop in at tribal villages nestled into the mountain range. From lookouts, to nature reserves, and long-haul climbs, New Caledonia has it all!

What you’ll see hiking in New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s hiking trails and nature reserves house a range of unique biodiversity—from century-old trees, to giant ferns, and flora and fauna not seen anywhere else in the world.

The country is one of the only stable regions in the volcanic Melanesian region, but great heights and dramatic scenes still abound. Climb Mont Panié to conquer New Caledonia’s highest peak (1629 metres) or travel from Noumea to visit the 9,000 hectares of low-lying, red, outback terrain that is Blue River Park.

Stretch it out

Witness ultimate island juxtaposition in Deva—the Gouaro Deva ridge provides ocean and inland views on either side, or, for longer hikes, walk the 120km of the Grande Randonnée. This trail crosses through the low-lying red terrain of the south and into the tribal villages of the north. Pass through luscious forests on your way and enjoy creeks, rivers, and stunning cascades throughout.

Lace up your boots and head to the hills in New Caledonia. Contact our My New Caledonia Holiday Experts or click here to find out when is the best time to hike!