New Caledonia Diving

Take the plunge!

The stunning lagoon that surrounds New Caledonia is known as one of the world’s best natural aquariums. Home to deep sea caves and intriguing ship wrecks, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the perfect place to scuba dive!

Divers of all levels are welcome in New Caledonia. Learners can book lessons and tours through their resorts, plus accredited diving courses are available with instructors and companies near Noumea’s beaches. Experienced divers can practice free-diving or scuba diving in caves, channels, or in the ship wrecks on New Caledonia’s barrier reef. Conditions are warm and calm most of the year around, with visibility at its clearest between the months of April and November.

What you’ll see scuba diving in New Caledonia

Divers can explore stalagmite growths in the Bay of Prony, soft corals in Tenia, and plenty of pelagic fish dwelling in corridors, passages, and grottos off the coast. Night dives showcase sea snakes and loggerhead turtles, plus there are manta rays, eagle rays, devil rays, moray eels, tuna, dolphins, white-tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, seahorses, sponges, mackerel, and more at drop-offs like Grand Sud’s Shark Pit and the Cathedral at Doïmen Reef.

Since reefs and dive spots are everywhere around New Caledonia, there’s something for everyone to see, no matter their interests or ability level. Talk to our My New Caledonia Holiday Experts today to find out more about diving in New Caledonia!